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Rammed earth

Modern Earth has perfected the ancient technique of rammed earth processes, using stabilizing techniques and solutions. We are able to create unique, sustainable, and environmentally friendly structures.

Modern Earth’s Rammed Earth Walls

Modern Earth’s main advantages are quality assurance-mock testing, cylinder-core testing, concrete foundation installments, efficient and turn-key operations, and the attention to detail in all their custom modern structures

Benefits of Rammed Earth

Thermal Mass
The thickness and density of the material slow the penetration of hot or cold and as a result the internal temperature of the building remains stable. This allows the temperature to feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Noise Reduction
The thickness and density of the walls slow the transmission of noise. This natural unique feature is great if you want to keep noise out from traffic and neighbors. The muting of external noise provides a quieter, more sheltered environment. Rammed earth walls also provide sound insulation between areas with different needs for example between living and sleeping areas.

Strong and Durable
Rammed earth is extremely durable and weather resistant.

Low Maintenance
Rammed earth walls are extremely low maintenance. Soon after built and sealed, they will require no maintenance for at least 15-20 years.

Rammed earth doesn’t burn. Our walls are thick and monolithic therefore have no vulnerable mortar joints.

Load Bearing
Rammed earth walls at 12 inches thick are load bearing. They will not require additional structures to carry weight. Rammed earth walls usually well exceed standard requirements achieved by wood framed homes.

Pest Proof
Termites and other pests simply aren’t interested in rammed earth, and as the walls are load bearing it reduces the amount of termite-tempting structural wood. There are no cavities in rammed earth walls for pests to live in, or to use as a route to the roof or other timbers.


Frequently Asked Questions

is rammed earth safe?

Yes, we make sure to take proper precautiouns and all of our structures are built within all building codes.

How much does rammed earth cost?

The initial cost can be compared to traditional construction, however rammed earth has a much longer lifespan. The best way to get a true estimate is to get in touch with us below!

How long does it take to build?

It depends on the type of structure, we specialize in all sizes of projects, from decorative walls to full-size homes.

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