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Our Mission

Carlos de Luna has over twenty years of experience in construction and architecture. His background in architecture and interior design, gives him the insight to modern and contemporary design. His knowledge of concrete formation has led him to the rammed earth process, which he has perfected over the past eight years. Our specialty is in the unique efficient process and our contemporary design approach that adhere to modern architecture. Our mission is to provide you the best services, for honest prices. 

Our Vision

Modern Earth specializes in building custom homes, multi-family complexes and low-cost housing for architects and homeowners looking for energy efficient structuring with turn-key operation. Its structural stability and foundation not only meets international and regional building codes, but exceeds those requirements.



303 Queen Anne Ct. 
San Antonio, TX, 7820

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303 Queen Anne Ct.
San Antonio, TX, 7820


(210) 389 – 8214