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Modern earth

We specialize in sustainable building processes.


What we do

We specialize in sustainable building processes, such as rammed earth, soil stabilization, and foundation solutions. 

Rammed earth

Rammed Earth is an ancient building process that dates back to Neolithic archaeological sites in 5000BCE. It is a procedure for building walls, foundations, and floors using natural raw materials such as earth, chalk, lime, or gravel. Ancient as it is, it is proven to be sustainable, noncombustible, thermally massive, and durable. 

soil stabilization

Base-Seal is a flexible road base with compressive and beam strength that far surpasses conventional select fill when properly blended. B3S forms by filling the voids and binding soil particles together.

foundation solutions

Ground Screws are an alternative to concrete foundations. They are sustainable, low impact, and uniquely engineered to provide solid foundations at a fraction of the cost. 


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